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Lyrics – Chris Duarte – Walls

Chris Duarte
John Jordan
recording of 1997
Tailspin Headwhack (Jive 41611)
Everywhere you go, every day’s a show
And everyday I see for you to be with me
Hold you closer now, look into your eyes
Always let you know
Always let you know I’m trying
When I see you there
All my fears, they fall
And then the walls come down
Yeah, they all fall down
I don’t know what to do
When my walls fall down
Pull me up to you, take me in your arms
Never let me go, always here by you
I’m crying
And when I run away
It doesn’t help my day
So now I run to you, what’s a boy to do
Wipe away my tears
Throwing all my fears away
‘Cause I do love you
Please just let me stay with you
And when I see you there
All my fears, they fall
And if the walls fall down
Hitting all around
I wanna be with you
When the walls come down
Show me what to do
God, I really need you now
Never let me go, I’m always here by you
I’m crying
Beauty where you stood
Your kiss, it shocks me through
Sell my soul, I would
Just to be with you

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